Social Media Manager – The “Perfect” Job

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If someone told you that you could get paid to just sit around on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all day long that would sound pretty good right? I mean just how taxing could that be?

Social Media Manager – The “Perfect” Job?

There’s less prejudice against embracing the world of social for business now but there still remains the idea that “anyone” can do it and that it’s not really working. And I have to admit, my 8 year old daughter would be fully capable of updating her status online if I let her. Social media manager – piece of cake.

So then, now we have established that an 8 year old can manage to log in and update an online post, what are we going to let her say on our company Twitter account? And shall we repeat that sentence on the company Facebook page, the LinkedIn showcase page, the Google+ page? That’s today sorted, what updates for tomorrow? And next week? Do we need to plan for any real time marketing? What happens when the 8 year old goes to bed at 7pm and we get an online complaint? How will our 8 year react when someone posts something nasty about us? What will she have to report when asked what our KPIs for the month were?

Social media management is hard – sorry, let me rephrase that – good social media management is hard. You need to source relevant material that reflects not just the profession but also the culture of the company. You need to share different updates on different platforms at different times. You need to be prepared to be on call pretty much 24/7. And you need to accept that when you do a stunning job you won’t receive world wide aclaim and adoration – if you are doing your job correctly, then publicly nobody will know it is you who is updating the accounts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I work for an eclectic mix of companies and I learn something new every single day. I always wanted to write and now I get to compose blog posts on a huge variety of subjects – but I can’t tell you which Twitter accounts I am updating, nor share with you the milestone of having reached over “x” followers on G+, or name the company that I started work for just two weeks ago and have already gained them several new customers.

Social media management is a contradictory title – after all, can you be social and be a secret?

To be named as one of the Top 50 Women in tech this week was a real boost – public recognition of the private work that I do. Thank you so much to all of you who voted for me and thank you to PCR for putting the article together – and thank you to all of my wonderful clients for trusting me to be your invisible front line voice.

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