Twitter Direct Messages: A marketing dream or a deluge of junk?

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Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” ~Seth Godin

Twitter has opened the direct messaging (DM) floodgates. Prepared to be swamped with spam DMs from people you’ve never heard of, telling you about “the one weird trick“, “the chance of a lifetime“, “win an iPad“, and other such compelling messages.

Of course, we’ve had the ability to receive DMs from people before, but only the ones we are mutually connected with. Twitter’s new feature allows anyone to send you a direct message.

Twitter Direct Messages: A marketing dream or a deluge of junk?

We’re already struggling to keep afloat above the torrent of unwanted emails – how can we prevent the same thing from happening on Twitter? There are people who can’t cope with Twitter as it is, in terms of just a “normal” timeline, complaining that it’s too frenetic, too noisy – what if now your phone just doesn’t stop beeping, letting you know you have yet another DM…..

Panic thee not.

First and foremost you won’t be getting any DMs from strangers – not because you’re not special or important, or you don’t have enough followers, but because good old Twitter has given you the choice to opt in rather than get you to sift through your settings to opt out: by default you will not be getting inundated with strangers’ direct messages.

Twitter Settings:

Twitter DM settings

Maybe it’s still early days; having carried out a somewhat unscientific and unrepresentative experiment, I ticked my box – bring it on, let the Twitterati DM me! Left myself open for over a week and… DMs. Not one. Well not from strangers anyhow.

We’ll have to see how useful this new feature is – it has definite advantages in the realm of customer relations, but how well it will do as a pure marketing tool remains to be seen.




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