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Business IT Support And Services:

For your business to survive and flourish you need to have your technology working efficiently 24/7.

Communication is the key to success – if nobody can “hear” you, nobody knows that you are there.

You need all of your technology to communicate fluently – your printer, scanner and computer have to work harmoniously; your email, both internal and external communications with clients, suppliers, colleagues and partners, all has to run without any glitches. You need your telephone systems and your internet to be running as efficiently as you do, your website to reflect your professionalism and your social media links to actually do something for you.

There are times when “downtime” is inescapable, but putting in place provision to minimise this occurrence is an insurance worth having.

Dolphin Computer’s Small Business Support:

  • Minimal Downtime
  • Cost Effective IT Solutions
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Dedicated Business Support Division
  • No Costly Maintenance Contracts
  • Email Solutions
  • Internet and Telecoms Provision
  • Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Security and Backup Provision and Solutions
  • Data Cabling and Networking
  • Web Hosting & Design
  • Computer Repairs, Support and Upgrades
  • Digital Marketing Training/Provision

Dolphin Computers understand that without your technology working you cannot operate your business. With a dedicated small business support division, their aim is to offer you same day support and to respond to you within 2 hours of you contact. They have enough confidence in their experience and expertise not to tie you into a costly maintenance contract, but to offer you a pay as you go service. This cost effective solution means that you only ever pay for services that you require.

For further information on why it is in your interest to choose Dolphin Computers as your dedicated virtual IT department please click:

Business IT Support

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