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Remote Computer Support For Businesses And Home Users:

If time is an issue, remote computer support could be the solution.

With your authority, a qualified technician can access your systems using a completely secure system, and carry our minor repairs or reconfigurations without you having any downtime or waiting around.

Why Should I use Remote Support?

  • Immediate Attention – just pick up the phone and arrange for a technician to log in. They can have a look and if possible diagnose and fix the problem whilst you’re still sitting at your desk! No waiting around for a technician to come around – no need for you to take your computer to a shop.
  • Instant Access – there‚Äôs no need to install any software – if you’re online, with your permission, a technician can log in to your systems, without you having to download any other program.
  • Incredible Savings – a remote connection will cost you less than having a technician on site or taking your computer in to a shop for repairs. Prices start from just ¬£16.67 + VAT per hour! A great deal of our existing customers already take advantage of this service and find it invaluable for solving issues quickly and effectively.

There will be times in everyone’s lives when they could do with a bit of computer help, and a remote IT helpdesk could be your solution.

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What is a Remote Support?

In the most basic sense, a remote connection means connecting to, and controlling one computer from another computer. To the uninitiated, this can seem a little disturbing – having somebody else accessing and controlling you computer from anywhere in the world. And certainly, the first time you see your cursor being controlled and moved around your screen it can elicit thoughts of the “super natural”. However, most people find that once they’ve experienced it they never look back. What do you need to be able to use our remote connection service? Internet and power – yes, it’s as simple as that!

Call us now to book a free demonstration!* Call today on 01273 248871 or email

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As with many areas of computing, there are people that use this service for unscrupulous means. Make sure that you always know where your remote connection is coming from, and do not accept a cold call remote connection.

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