Networking CAT5 cables

Business Computer Networking:

Networking will allow your data to be shared within your business, and your computers to communicate with printers, scanners and fax machines.

Networking furnishes two or more computers with the ability to communicate with each other. If you have more than one computer in your office, or you want your computer to be able to access your data wherever you are in your office, you need your computers to be networked.

An efficient network enables communication channels that are essential to your business such as email, telephones, and online conferencing to run smoothly. It will provide access to stored information on computers that share your network, for anyone that you grant access to.

Dolphin are fully skilled and experienced in setting up all forms of computer networks, network security and CAT5 cabling, and provide ongoing support as standard practice. They have worked with business right across the spectrum from international banks to business consultancy firms; from B2B trainers to industrial units, whatever the nature of your business, Dolphin work with you to achieve the perfect networked work environment.

The fluency and fluidity of modern communication is facilitated by computer networks. If your business cannot communicate, both internally and externally, nobody will know you are there.


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