Image of a Panasonic PBX System

Small Business Telecom Solutions:

Effective communication is the key to your businesses success, be that with clients, suppliers, colleagues or partners – you need your telecommunications channels to work efficiently without costing to much.

Email may be the most popular form of communication between businesses and within offices; online messaging in the form of social media may be experiencing a meteoric rise and be the “new” way of customer support, but the telephone is far from dead.

Second only to face to face interaction, the telephone facilitates a two way conversation – with email, texts, Tweets and Facebook updates the conversation can only go in one direction at a time.

Businesses still need telephones.

Out of all forms of customer service options, telephone support consistently yields the best results. If you, or your clients want an answer NOW the telephone can be the quickest way to get a response.

Your business is unique, and therefore Dolphin will provide you with a bespoke telephone system that suits your individual requirements. They will install, support and maintain your desired communication solution with minimal disruption to your working environment.

You need all of your communication tools to run smoothly and Dolphin will provide you with cost effective solutions, help, support and advice for the future as your business grows and evolves, enabling you to deal with one, locally based supplier rather than with an internationally manned call centre.

For further information on how Dolphin can provide your company with the ideal telephone system please get in touch.