Smart Gadgets From CES 2015 That Caught Our Attention

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Do you recall the BBC television programme Tomorrow’s World? It was a must for many families, gathering around the television to see the likes of Raymond Baxter and Maggie Philbin trying to predict, and to demonstrate, the future gadgets we may have in our homes. Sadly, Tomorrow’s World is no more…but there is something called CES that happens every year.

The Consumer Electronics Show does pretty much what Tomorrow’s World did – it showcases the latest ideas and gadgets, hoping that the products demonstrated will become as main stream in our daily lives as the home computer, the mobile phone and the internet are now.

So what were some of the top gadgets from this year’s CES that the “experts” feel we’ll all be using very soon?

Smart Gadgets From CES 2015 That Caught Our Attention

Automated Sweeper: Whilst we’re still a long way off the Jetson’s robot housekeeper, the Hom-Bot sweeper can be controlled by your phone, detects dust, notifies you when it’s dust bag is full and even has surveillance functions – ideal for catching the dog sleeping where he shouldn’t.

Safer Driving: Two new devices stood out this year: the Driver’s Texting Disabler and U-Wake. Both are fairly self-explanatory; the first gadget is a small device that plugs into your car and prevents the driver from being able to text whilst on the move. The second is a wearable device that can detect your tiredness levels and alerts you using an app.

Home Security: An all singing all dancing new device called Kuna is the next advancement in home security. No more “smile you’re on CCTV”, this system features cameras, an exterior light and an alarm siren. It can tell the difference between you just coming home or leaving and a visitor at the door, as well as filtering out false alerts such as the cat wandering by. It gives you the ability to speak to those ringing the doorbell though your phone and allows you to customise the type of alerts you receive on your phone.

Children’s Safety: A new Wi-Fi box was demonstrated that aims to keep our children safe online. Called Kidokey, this neat little box connects with your existing home router and creates its own network for your children. Your kids have access to a huge range of websites all of which have been checked and filtered to ensure that they are safe, and includes smart phone web access.

Whilst we can’t be sure what gadgets will catch on and what will not, there are a lot of exciting developments out there at the moment. In the meantime, we’re off to watch some old Tomorrow’s World episodes….


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