What Do We Mean By The Internet Of Things?

What do we mean by the internet of things

The Internet Of Things

Some of us can recall the time before the internet, before email and online shopping, when telephones weighed as much as a brick and had to stay put. We largely take online activities for granted now – you can email the office from the train, check live updates for the number 27 bus, Skype the grand children in Australia.

What do we mean then by The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of things is, in a nutshell, about making all of your life, and all of your “things”, interconnected via the Internet. These “things” themselves are mundane items that  you have around you right now; what makes them interesting is that you will soon be able to control them remotely through Wi-Fi.

For example, you may have heard of Google Nest – this is a thermostat that learns what temperatures you like, turns itself down when you’re away and can be controlled from anywhere over Wi-Fi. In addition it can see, and report back, exactly how much energy you’re using.

Then there are the Google cars being trialled – instead of relying on your Sat Nav to tell you that you have reached your destination, your car will be able to drive you there on its own. Or how about a pair of smart chopsticks that can detect contaminants in food (we kid you not)?

As wonderful as all of this may be, we are still talking about computers and online activity here – it’s bad enough having someone hack into your home computer, but if your entire life is connected imagine the consequences of becoming the victim of a cyber criminal? As fast as technology evolves we need to keep security on a par – otherwise our refrigerators could start ordering all sorts of things for home delivery, and who knows where your car will take you?

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