Cyber Security: Five Easy Steps To Keep Your Business Safe

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Cyber Security Precautions:

There is no “most at risk” when it comes to cyber attacks on small businesses – your company is just as much a target as the business next door. Everyone needs to take computer security seriously and we all have our own parts to play in staying safe.

The facts speak for themselves – 77% of business security breaches have occured in companies with less than 100 employees; and of those, 93% have less than 100 employees.

If you stick with the “it won’t happen to my business” philosophy, and you haven’t taken adequate precautions, you can pretty much guarantee you will be proved wrong sooner rather than later.

There are five simple measures you can begin to implement TODAY to help your business stay safe.

Cyber Security: Five Easy Precautions

1: Anti Virus: The vast majority of security breaches occur because of silly mistakes. A decent anti virus will ask the question, “Do you really want to open that attachment/web page?” and gives you that extra level of defence.

2: Backup: Even with the most robust and stringent security measures in place something could still potentially go wrong. Having an automated, fully encrypted backup solution in place will ensure that you can still retrieve your data should the worse happen.

3: Education: You may be aware of the most common ways that computers get compromised, and the latest security threats, but is everyone in your company as aware as you? Ensure that everybody who has access to your computers, laptops, work phones, tablets and data understands what a threat looks like.

4: Physical Security: In addition to the simplest steps of locking up at the end of the day, you can secure your premises with IP Cameras and know exactly what is going on even if you are thousands of miles away. And if people in your company are taking laptops or other devices home, they need to be ensuring they are not left on the train, in the pub, or anywhere else they shouldn’t be.

5: Updates: Software updates aren’t there just to annoy you and waste valuable work time, although it may seem like that. A recent report from Australia highlighted the fact that 85% of security breaches in 2011 involved attacks that would have been prevented had all updates been implemented.

If you use a computer in your business then you are a potential target for a cyber attack. There are no excuses for non implementation of basic security measures.

If you would like further assistance in keeping your company as safe and secure as possible then please do get in touch for some friendly, no nonsense, up to the minute advice.



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