What’s In A (Domain) Name?

“And so with all things: names were vital and important.”

~Algernon H Blackwood

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Are You Gambling With Your Name?

Business Domain Names

Can you recall those heady days when you came up with the name for your fledgling business? So many factors came into play: was it different; was it catchy, did it sum up what you’re all about?

And then you were off to get your branding done, your business cards, your logo, to register a domain name so you can have a place to park your fancy new website. All really exciting stuff – but also all really costly stuff. Which bits were necessary, and which bits could you cut back on?

Well for starters you hoped for great things for your company and saw yourself trading internationally in just a few years time – so you bought the dot.com domain name. You didn’t need the dot.co.uk name, it would look like you were just small fry.

Or vice versa – you expected only to be attracting customers here, so why bother buying the .com as well? After all, nobody else is going to use it, are they?

Are You Gambling With Your Domain?

The most famous example of the mistake of not buying both the .com and the .co.uk domain names is that of the catalogue shop Argos. Don’t believe us? Just check it out:



It is alleged that they used the same argument as above – they were trading in the UK, so why bother with the .com address? Nobody else would want it would they?

But, you argue, you’re not a big brand like Argos, nobody is going to want to buy your domain name.

Maybe not – but let’s just imagine the worse, what if somebody did? And they set up a web page? And when anybody searched for your services they found your rivals site instead of yours?

Buying domain names isn’t a huge cost – usually. However, if someone else has bought up your domain name in the version you didn’t bother with they can offer to sell it to you. And we can pretty much guarantee they won’t be asking for peanuts.

So don’t take this gamble, don’t cut this corner – buy up both .co.uk and .com, and even consider other domain endings as well as spelling variations on your company name. Make sure that if anyone searches for you, you are who they find.

We are more than happy to offer further advice on this, or any other aspect of hosting, so please do get in touch. In the meantime we wish you, as always, continued happy and safe computing.

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