Monthly Archives: July 2018

Should I Backup My Computer?

As you would expect, all of our computers here at Dolphin are backed up regularly and automatically. One of the most difficult things we ever have to say to customers is that, "we couldn't retrieve any of your data I'm afraid". When did you last backup your data? From customers who have lost important work…
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Broadband Scam

It appears that too many of us have wised up to the cold calling Microsoft scam whereby you’d receive a phone call from a “Microsoft” engineer telling you that you had viruses on your computer and that they needed to run a scan. Things have moved on, and now we’re hearing more and more reports…
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Ten Quotes About Computers And Technology

Love 'em or loathe them, most people have an opinion about computers and technology. Here at Dolphin Computers we've compiled 10 (+1) popular quotes about computers and technology in general - we hope that at least one of these will ring true for you. Ten Popular Computer And Technology Quotes “Treat your password like your…
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