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What Is Remote Computer Support?

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard about the scammers who telephone you claiming to be from “Microsoft Support”. They go on to tell you that they have detected have viruses on your computer and that they need to access your system. This is the malicious side of remote computer support. Those who have succumbed…
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Should a volunteer manage social media?

Last month we read about a social media administrator who had been sacked after an inappropriate “official” tweet had gone viral. Nothing too shocking in its own right – any business that had an employee share something improper online would be at the minimum discipline the offender, and more usually, like this person, relieve them…
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5 Reasons For Data Loss

March heralds two auspicious dates - Mother's Day and World Backup Day; and this year they fall on the same day. For those celebrating with their mum, it’s likely you’ll save the memories of the day by taking a few pictures. Once shared via email or social media, what becomes of those important images? The…
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Setting Up A New Computer

Setting up a new computer is a doddle – if you know what you’re doing. But for those who are less technically literate, setting up a new computer can be a real challenge. We have a few tips that may help you along the way. How To Set Up A New Computer Chose The Right…
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