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Lost your data? 3 ways you might get it back. Losing important data can be a frustrating experience, but there are ways you can attempt to recover lost data. Here are 3 methods you can try: Check

What are the most common sources of malware? Malware changes and adapts as technology evolves, and hence the most common sources of malware can vary over time as new threats emerge. However, here are some of the

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Securing your router is an important step in protecting your home network from unauthorised access and potential security threats. Here are 12 key steps you can take to enhance the security of your router: 12 Steps to

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Dolphin offer a pick up and return computer service package for desktops and laptops. But what does this mean? Why would you want your computer or laptop to have a service? What can a computer service help

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What Tech Devices Need Security? "I have adequate security installed on my computer; so I’m all set to go, right?" Firstly, that’s great news. But it doesn’t stop there – your laptop computer is not the only

How many different types of computer virus are there? There are several different types of computer virus, and new variants and types continue to emerge as technology evolves. Here are some common types of computer viruses and

How to Set Up Your New Laptop Like a Pro Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove your new laptop from its packaging, switch it on and ‘ta-dah!’ it just worked. Unfortunately, unless you have asked

On 24 May 2023 Barracuda Networks published a report that highlighted the lucrative return rate for cybercriminals of using spear phishing. These attacks make up just 0.1% of all email-based attacks but are responsible for two-thirds of

Why aren't small businesses taking cyber security seriously? Running a business involves so much more than the product or service that you are selling. One priority is ensuring that all the data you hold on your customers,

Why Should You Call For Help? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could solve our own problems? Especially when it comes to our technology playing up. If only you could just turn it off, unplug it, switch