How To Deal With Spam Emails

Email spam can be infuriating, can’t it? It’s akin to a deluge of rubbish, your inbox drowning in a sea of unsolicited, unwanted, junk. But quite apart from the banal, the illegal and the uncensored, there is also the issue of hidden malware, ransomware, spyware and viruses. The Telecoms industry has gone some way to…
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Dolphin was founded in 2004 in Brighton. Their main offices and workshops are based in Poets Corner Hove, but they operate throughout the UK.

Having started out looking after home users and small businesses in the Brighton and Hove area, Dolphin have grown, expanded and adapted to the needs of their current clients whilst also accommodating new ventures.

Their expansive client base includes businesses from a wide variety of business sectors and geographic locations including, but not exclusive to, the following: please click the map for further details.