Stay Safe On Black Friday

5 Tips To Stay Safe Online Where "once upon a time" Halloween and Black Friday were prevailing solely across the pond, the UK has now thoroughly embraced both. We’ve survived the marketing hype of October 31st only to be thrust into the jungle of online and in store Black Friday deals. There will be some…
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Important Software Update

Why You Need To Update Now Having a reliable, secure backup procedure in place is essential for anybody who stores information on any device. Your home PC probably has documents and emails that you will want to keep; your smart phone may have hundreds of precious photos and your work computers? Well, goes without saying…
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No Halloween Joke – RIP Office 2007

Still Using Office 2007? Microsoft Is No Longer Providing Security Fixes and Updates That Protect Your Computer. Without these updates, your computers and your business will become more susceptible to attacks, viruses and malicious software that can steal valuable client information. In addition, the Windows 7 platform will also become more difficult to use, with…
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