Business IT Security

Business IT Security

Dolphin Computers are specialists in the field of business IT security, having worked with companies for over ten years to find the most secure and cost effective solutions for maintaining business computer systems.

How “secure” is your business? What measures do you as a company have in place for maintaining client confidentiality on your computer systems? Do you have backups in place? Are all of your employees aware of risks and scams? Who has access to your data? What is your procedure for disaster recovery?

Dolphin Computer Upgrades have extensive knowledge of being called in after the event – companies that haven’t had adequate security procedures put in place and have either been compromised by external influences or have had system failures resulting in catastrophic data loss.

Main IT Security Risks For Businesses:

Damage to your reputation and brand image – an incident such as a security breach or the accidental loss of data could cause reputational damage to your business and your brands image. The news of a breach could reach the media resulting in a lack of trust from your customers and a negative impact on your business. (See our Business Continuity Plan)

Meeting compliance & legal requirements – each country that your business operates in will have legislation that will need to be met. For the UK the Data Protection Act is a legal requirement and fines could be issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) should personal data be compromised. (see more below on our GDPR recommendations)

Cost of a data breach – research shows that it costs an organisation in the UK approximately £100 per record for the cost of a breach in the services industry. Therefore, a breach of 10,000 records would cost your business approximately £1m. This cost can be significantly reduced with the correct level of security measures and control.

Disruption to business as usual – a breach would disrupt your business with a diversion of resources being used for investigations and a clean-up operation. Whilst this is underway your employees may not be able to use the systems. In any business, this could have an impact on both current and potential clients as well as suppliers and business partners. (See our Disaster Recovery Plan)

GDPR - we recommend a full encryption system that will secure all of your computers and your emails. In addition to full encryption we recommend all business computers have Anti Virus Software, Anti Malware Software,  Anti Ransomware Software and User Access Control. For all business networks we recommend Backups that are Monitored & Tested, a company Security Policy and Disaster Recovery/Data Loss Policy. It is also advisable to undertake a security review and regular staff security training. (Find out more about GDPR compliance for businesses)

Dolphin can provide your business with a security review that will ascertain areas that you should immediately act upon as well as long-term plans including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. In addition to a written document outlining current weaknesses, we can provide training for all staff on all aspects of security within the business, and can provide physical solutions for prevention of security issues.

Dolphin's Business Security Solutions Include:

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