Spam Filter

Why Use A Spam Filter?

Spam filters are becoming less of a luxury, more of a necessity as we are bombarded on a daily basis by unwanted emails. A spam filter will help you to filter out these un-asked for emails and will minimise the potential for receiving infected emails and emails with attachments that can cause ransomware, malware and other infections on your computer.

Dolphin's Recommended Span Filter Provides You With:

Automated Filtering: This stops spam emails from clogging up your inbox and limits the chances of you inadvertently clicking on a phishing link or downloading a virus.

Quarantine Viewer: Giving you a "window" where you can check your spam box in the unlikely event that something should have got through.

Updated Filtering: Constantly updated filtering ensures that when spam rules change your system is updated to match it.

False Positives: The spam filter gives you virtually zero false positives due to the software's rules being carefully engineered to ensure that only real spam is blocked.

Email Archiving: With 30 days’ worth of email archiving you have ample time to double check when prompted to "check your spam filter".

By using Dolphin's recommended spam filter you can be assured that the email you need to receive is delivered to your inbox without delay, but the bad email is automatically filtered and quarantined.

If you are fed up with your inbox overflowing with spam emails and are keen on reducing the amount of emails you have to sit through a delete then get in touch with us today – we can install the filter without even touching your machine.