BullGuard Small Office Security

Dolphin have been a reseller of BullGuard for many years; it being a product we believe in we use it ourselves as well as recommending it to our customers. We were honoured to have been asked to trial BullGuard’s new Small Office Security product and are now confidently rolling it out to our own business customers.

As an IT support company we have ensured that our business customers are aware of and have access to all the current security measures to keep them as secure as possible. BullGuard Small Office Security has enabled us to add the missing link in these security measures by giving us, and other IT experts, full control over the security software.

All businesses have data – data that is unique to them as a company and data about suppliers and customers. 60% of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber-attack. All businesses will be targeted at some point, and as well as keeping their own data secure, they are obliged to keep any information they have on their customers secure to comply with GDPR.

The introduction of a control panel on BullGuard's Small Office platform permits us to set the permissions and content control features. This enables a company to stop employees from viewing certain websites and certain types of content online such as restricting access to gambling sites, advertisements and even social media. By controlling where your employees can go online you can not only minimise the risk of going to a dodgy website but can also ensure that your staff are only working on company business.

At Dolphin we specialise in IT support and security, integrating with small businesses. We work on the premise that we are your IT department and as such, this product is perfect. Prior to the launch of the Small Office Security option, users could change the settings on their own machines to what they wanted. Now we can check computers and set permissions all through the cloud control panel, without user interaction, enabling us to manage and keep their network secure.

This product provides us with the robust, secure BullGuard features we are accustomed to but coupled with enterprise control enabling us further eliminate error and risks for small businesses.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your small business secure and compliant with current legislation then please drop us a line: email us at help@dolphinupgrades.com or call our main IT support office in Hove on 01273 248871


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