Businesses Biggest Security Risk

What is the biggest security risk for your network? Where is your company’s IT system most vulnerable? How are the vast majority of businesses compromised?

For as long as we can recall the IT mantra has been that no computer system or anti-virus can fully protect a computer because it is us, the end users, who poses the greatest security risk. This has remained the case in the truest sense of the word, for with most anti-virus software we can bypass the warning messages and unwittingly download something we really didn’t want to.

In a recent report by the security software company Egress, a whopping 97% of IT leaders cited insider breach risk as one of their biggest concerns. The problem with some business antivirus software is that users can set, and alter, their own security settings. If you are concerned about where your staff are going online, you should be able to limit this to keep your company within your security guidelines. All decent paid-for antivirus solutions will offer this, but the loophole has often been that these settings can then be bypassed by individual computer users.

Dolphin were acutely aware of this issue, that employees are able to turn off settings that were utilised to keep them secure online, and had been searching for a suitable, cost effective solution for their own client base. Last year, BullGuard approached Dolphin and asked them to be part of a select few UK IT support companies to trial their new business product, BullGuard S.O.S.

Dolphin Computer's testimonial fro BullGuard

Having rolled this out to our own customers, Dolphin are now able to manage a company’s anti-virus from one, secure platform. After discussing the required security needs with the business owner, Dolphin then sets the access controls and monitor the back-end of the software to add yet another layer of security. S.O.S helps prevent an employee from accidentally clicking an advert that is not genuine, or accessing social media sites, or set other limits that you as a business owner would like to see implemented. And once set, the computer user cannot alter these permissions themselves.

Employees may remain the greatest risk to a businesses own security, but those if us in IT and security are working tirelessly to help keep the criminals out and your data and IT systems as secure as humanly possible.

To learn more about how Dolphin can help your company achieve better levels of IT security please get in touch today.

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