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Business Backup And Storage Solutions

Dolphin provide their business clients with the most cost effective and secure backup and storage solutions available. 

Every company has their own unique requirements for the data they need storing and sharing – or not sharing – and Dolphin design IT solutions that meet your exacting needs.

Business Backups

Dolphin recommend a specific cloud based business backup service that can be tailored to each businesses needs and is fully encrypted.

Permission Based Access

Dolphin's business backup enables you to allow certain users access rights, which are different to others.

 You can allocate files to specific company users, with permission based criteria, enabling you to specify who is able to access what in your company filing structure.

Data compliance

Essential for Data Purposes and ISO’s, Dolphin's backup stores the data encrypted on the hard drive in a different way to drop box. It means that for file retention you are not reliant on computers or users as it is all stored in the cloud.

Unlimited Backup

Each setup / user is provided with unlimited backup for all local data thus preventing data loss from fire, theft or equipment failure.


  • Unlimited Backup space.
  • Unlimited Machines at your location
  • Encrypted Offsite Backup
  • Checkpoint Backup for 30 days
  • Web Portal Access

Business Storage

To minimise data lose Dolphin encourage businesses to store all their documents online, meaning your laptops and desktops become slaves of the cloud. 

Private Storage

Each user that we create can also have their own private briefcase, and each personal briefcase cannot be accessed by other users, giving staff members their own private storage.

Sharing Folders

Along with private storage, the system can be configured to enable the team / public area to be assessed as long as the user has permission to do so.

Multiple Machines

With the option of installation on multiple machines, users can access more than one desktop / laptop, and aren't reliant on one computer.


  • Sync documents
  • Create team folders to collaborate on files
  • Add users or storage space instantly
  • Extremely easy to use and setup
  • 100% safe and secure

You're In Control
Having your backups stored at UK based secure data centers gives you the most secure IT solutions for protecting your data. Dolphin will be your point of contact ensuring you always have a human to talk to rather than an automated call center.
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