The Best Way To Contact Your Customers

What is the best way to communicate with your client base? Is it via the telephone? A well-crafted email? A simple text message? A timely social media post? Or even sending something through the post?

A successful sale will rely on harmonious communication between a business and the customer so finding the optimal channel to converse is going to help improve your chances.

This week is National Customer Service Week, a timely reminder that what matters to your customers is more than just the products or services that you sell.

We all have our personal favourites for communicating – for some it is still having a chat on the phone, others love email, and some prefer SMS and private messages on social media platforms. Should your favourite channel of communication be the one you use to converse with your clients?

What is the best way to contact your customers?

Having set up a new website for a client earlier this year, a usual follow up provided an interesting chat. Personally I was really pleased with the amount of quality leads they were receiving directly through the site and thought the client would be happy with the increased levels of enquiry. Upon asking they were tentative in their reply, a little less enthusiastic than I would have hoped for. And the reason? Not the increased work. Not the increase in customers. But the increase in emails. ‘I wish they would just pick up the phone……’

Talking on the phone may be this business owners preferred way of communicating – but from the big rise in leads via the website we have to conclude that it is not the preferred method of the majority of their client base. Making the website a platform that their customers can use to get in touch 24/7 has resulted in an upturn in sales. They are not picking up the phone, but they are using their services.

Gauging how your clients would like you to communicate with them goes a long way towards good customer service, retention, and sales. Our own client base is very varied, and we will often ask them how they would best like to be contacted. Following on from their lead we try and ensure that adhere to our customer’s wishes whenever possible. For us, the best way to communicate with our customers is to call, text, email, update social media, or however suits them as individuals, not necessarily us as a business, the best.



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