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R.I.P Windows 7

And so it came to pass, that the glorious OS that was Windows 7, was finally laid to rest on the 14th January 2020…….. Having been introduced more than 10 years ago, Windows 7 has been part of our lives for a very long time. Phones have got smarter, laptops have got lighter, tablets have…
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Computer Security Day and Windows 7

Computer Security Day is an annual event and a gentle reminder that we should never take our computers, laptops or any other device that connects to the internet for granted. This year it has even more poignancy falling as it does just before the demise of Windows 7. Running for over 30 years, Computer Security…
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What Is Usable Security?

What is the biggest security risk for your computer? For as long as we can recall the IT mantra has been that no computer system or anti-virus can fully protect a computer because it is us, the end user, who poses the greatest security risk. This remains the case in the truest sense of the…
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