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What Has Happened To LinkedIn?

Once upon a time you would access LinkedIn and see updates from people who you were connected with running in a chronological order. This made, and still makes sense. I bothered to connect with you, you took the time to connect with me. I am interested in what you have to say, that is why we connected.
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How To Leave A Google Review

What are Google reviews? When you do a search on Google for a local business you will often see a map appear with three options of businesses underneath that Google feels best match your search term. For example, typing ‘home printer repairs hove’ brought us up. If you look at the three businesses Google brings…
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Should a volunteer manage social media?

Last month we read about a social media administrator who had been sacked after an inappropriate “official” tweet had gone viral. Nothing too shocking in its own right – any business that had an employee share something improper online would at the minimum discipline the offender, and more usually, like this person, relieve them of…
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