Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Business Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is the term used for all the computer hardware and software you're using on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or somewhere inside your company's network, that is provided to you as a service by another company and accessed over the Internet.

“The Cloud” is a way of describing IT outsourcing and refers to any computing service provided over the Internet or a similar network.

How can cloud computing help my business?

In it's most simplistic definition, businesses who utilise cloud technology are able to run more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely from multiple locations.

What exactly can Dolphin provide your business with in terms of Cloud Computing Technology?


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In it's most basic sense, a domain is the dedicated parking space on the internet for your personal website; it is your website's address the address and is how your customers can find your business on the internet. Websites need to be hosted on a web server and  domain names are what connects a website to a server.

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Whilst any computer running special software can function as a server, the most typical use of the word refers to larger, higher-powered machines that function as the core for pushing and pulling data from the internet.

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Email is now responsible for more sales and providing a mobile workforce working at home, on the road and at customer and partner sites. Customers expect quicker responses than ever before. Dolphin Computer Upgrades Ltd delivers business-class email, based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, and Office 365.

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Choosing a Hosted Desktop for your business allows you to access all your business apps, files and documents as you do on your current server or workgroup, where ever you are, on almost any device with an internet connection. Dolphin’s business solutions are designed to make you more productive, mobile and flexible while getting best value from your IT budgets.

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Hosted business telephone systems are rich in features, high on quality and low on cost of ownership. Numbers can travel with people, and call charges – even abroad – range from low to free, with calls charged by the second, not the minute.

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To minimise data lose, we want to encourage people to store all their documents online, meaning your laptops and desktops become slaves of the cloud. Each personal private briefcase cannot be accessed by other users, whilst the team / public area can be assessed as long as the user has permission to do so.

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