All websites need to be hosted on a web server and domain names are what connects a website to a server. Dolphin can provide you with a domain name of your choice based on whether the domain you choose is available.

There are some restrictions in place on domain names. For example, you can only register a .ire domain if you or your business resides/operates within Ireland.

Securing your domain doesn't always guarantee that you will also secure email on your domain name - but it does if you use Dolphin. We can create unlimited personal email addresses using your own domain name, e.g., and can implement an address forwarding service to redirect mail to your existing address, e.g. your Gmail or Hotmail account.

If you already have a domain name and you wish to transfer it, Dolphin can also assist with this, along with migrating your emails and your website.

If you want to learn more about Dolphin's domain services please give our Hove office a call on 01273 248871 or email the team and arrange for our dedicated business department to get in touch to ascertain your personal requirements.

We can also provide you with website services and help with other areas of digital marketing including social media assistance and email marketing.