RDP, Hosted Desktops and Servers

RDP, Hosted Desktops and Servers

Choosing a Hosted Desktop for your business allows you to access all your business apps, files and documents as you do on your current server or workgroup, where ever you are, on almost any device with an internet connection. Dolphin’s business solutions are designed to make you more productive, mobile and flexible while getting best value from your IT budgets.

Using a Hosted Desktop gives you the ability to work from the office whilst not necessarily being in the office. You, and your employees, can work almost anywhere at any time with instant access to all of your resources as if you, and they, were at your desks.

RDP and Hosted Desktop Solutions

Dolphin’s RDP, Hosted Desktops and Hosted Servers provide your business with:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Simplified IT infrastructure
  • Improved productivity of your team
  • Increased data security and access control

To find out more about Dolphin's RDP and Hosted solution services please give our Hove office a call on 01273 248871 or email the team help@dolphinupgrades.com and arrange for our dedicated business department to get in touch to resolve your personal business issues.