5 Things To Try Before Calling For Help

They can behave themselves for months, even years at a time, but if things start to go wrong with your technology it can be a worrying time. Much as we always welcome hearing from you, there are certain procedures you could consider trying before you need to call in your IT guys.


  1. Test It: If your mouse, or your printer, or your digital camera just doesn’t want to communicate with your laptop, is it the computer that is at fault or the other piece of hardware? If you can, try using the mouse, printer or camera with another machine, or with an alternative cable to establish where the fault lies.
  2. Scan It: When your computer is misbehaving itself and you have an anti virus installed (which of course you do don’t you) then have a go at running a virus scan. With any luck it will report back that all is well, but if you do have a virus it’s best to know about it as soon as possible.
  3. Update It: I know we’ve mentioned this before, but we only go on about things we feel are very important. When your computer pops up messages asking if you want to update your software don’t ignore it – updates are part of keeping your computer, laptop and phones running smoothly and efficiently.
  4. Power cycle It: Ah, the secret of our trade. Have you tried switching if off and turning it back on again? Be it computer, printer, or even router, it is worth trying this before calling out an expert.
  5. Save It:  One of the things we dread saying to clients the most is, "I'm sorry, but you have lost all of your data". If you have a backup procedure in place then if the worst should happen we can get you up and running again with as little inconvenience as possible.

Computers are wonderful when they do what you want as you want, but when they don't co-operate it can cause annoyance, frustration, and even tears. If your IT is starting to drive you up the wall, call in the experts. Life's too short to be getting upset over motherboards and hard drives - get someone in who deals with this everyday and rid yourself of tech stress.

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