Five Reasons for A Blue Screen

January is the month of new beginnings, of seeing the mornings and evenings gradually get lighter, of resolutions made to improve our lives…. And yet for some, January is seen as way too long and as a post-Christmas hangover. Add into the January doldrums a Monday morning – and not just any Monday morning, but THIS Monday morning. Monday 20th is officially Blue Monday, the “worst day of the year”, when we are at our lowest and everything seems bleak and gloomy.

Whether you are suffering from Blue Monday, from January blues, or are always pretty down on a Monday morning, one thing that will guarantee to make things worse is to have your computer join in the occasion and present you with a blue screen.

We tend to take our computers and laptops for granted – we wake up, get to our desk, switch on our machines and get cracking with what work needs to be accomplished. But when we are faced with a computer that just won’t play ball our frustration levels can shoot through the roof – especially on a Monday – and more especially on Blue Monday!

"What causes a blue screen?" There is no one-answer-fits-all, but there are five main reasons that your laptop or computer may have blue screened on you:

Five Reasons for A Blue Screen on Your Computer or Laptop:

Hardware: be it complete failure, overloading your peripherals (i.e. things plugged in), or even loose connections, issues with your hardware can cause major computer problems.

Software: complications can occur both with new software recently installed and older software that may have developed compatibility issues.

Memory: OK, the more technologically literate of you can argue this falls into hardware issues, but given the issues that can arise from memory problems this deserves its own category whether it be lack of memory protections or over crowded memory.

Virus: any nasties you accidentally grant access to your machine can play havoc in a plethora of ways, including denying you access by giving you the Blue Screen Of Death.

Overheating: a hot computer is not a happy computer, and if your fan is faulty, or you are using your machine where it can't get enough ventilation,  it can lead to your laptop or desktop overheating and failing.

Computers should never be taken for granted. It's common sense that we all have adequate security installed but even with all the safety measures in place any computer can potentially fail at any time, so we must also have a robust backup system in place.

We sincerely hope that you are not suffering from Blue Monday, but should your day have been compounded by computer issues please get in touch and let us at least take that stress away from you.

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