Is Your Backup Backing Up?

The majority of us have smartphones of some description. We email on the move, catch up with the news, check in on social media and snap as many photos as we want. And most smartphones will have some form of backup provision – we don’t need to think about saving our photos somewhere else because they are automatically backed up to our cloud account. Right?

On our computers and laptops, we don’t always get a backup as standard, and those that do come with one may not be backing up what you really need them to. There are still computers out there with no backups on them at all – and the reasons are varied for this lack of ‘insurance’ to protect their data.

Those of us who are aware that should our laptop fail suddenly we would be lost without access to our emails, contacts, documents, photos etc, and have made provisions to ensure all we do on our computers is covered by a secure backup program can at least rest easy we have covered ourselves for a ‘worst case’ scenario. Should our laptop fail, get damaged, be stolen, we can just log in to our backup and VOILA! All our data. Right?

The 2019 World Backup Day Survey revealed that over 90% of people are backing up their computers. And yet 65% lost data as a result of accidental deletion, hardware failure or something else.

How can we be losing so much valuable data if we have backups in place?

Complacency and computing are not good bed fellows. Whilst installing a backup on your computer is something we highly recommend, you should not just assume that it is doing its job.

With the vehicle you drive you need to perform certain checks to ensure all is working as it should be. So too with your computer – making a note to check that your backup is running as it should will take you a couple of minutes to perform but could save you a whole load of pain.

It would be great if we could install software and just assume that it will work, but all programs need maintenance and updates. A backup program that has not had updates for a period of time may not be backing anything up and your comfort cushion of ‘I have backup installed’ may be as useless as a chocolate tea pot.

Wherever you have data stored your need to have backups in place – and wherever you have backups in place you need to check those backups are doing just that – backing up.

If you are in any doubt, or need help to check, please get in touch.

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