National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day 2019

It is National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. “Yay” we hear you cry, another National Day urging us to think about IT. And on a dreary October Monday. What joy.

National Days can help raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues – but is there really a need for a clean your computer up day?

Good practice would mean that you keep your computer organised on a regular basis, but with time being of a premium to a lot of working people the last thing you want after working stupid hours all week is to then schedule time to look at the health and wellbeing of your computer or laptop. But there are benefits in doing so.

If you can think back to when you first opened your laptop you will recall it was pretty bare – the only icons on the home page were the factory installed ones, and you had no files on there, no images, videos, folders, music. Over time we download, create and save and this could eventually slow your computer down. In addition, if we don’t bother properly “filing” our data it can cause wasted time and frustration trying to locate it. Especially if you can’t recall what title you gave to it.

Today is all about cleaning your virtual office space. This is about deleting unwanted files, sorting your data into folders, naming and organising your photos. It is also a good opportunity to check both your computer backup and your anti-virus are running smoothly and doing their jobs, and to uninstall any games or apps that you no longer use.

Carrying out basic housekeeping on your computer will help it run more efficiently and alert you to any issues you may otherwise not be aware of.

If you would like a more comprehensive health check for your laptop or desktop then this is something reputable IT companies can provide for you.

Returning to our initial question - is there really a need for a clean your computer up day – it certainly does no harm and serves us all with the reminder not to take our technology for granted.

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