Remote Computer Help

If you work in a larger office you can probably pick up the phone and dial the IT department if you have an issue with your computer, printer, or any other technical issues. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you had the same luxury in your home?

Actually, you do…. OK, there are some provisos here; you need both a working phone and an internet connection, but if both of these are in place then you have similar resources at your finger tips to those sat at their desks with an integral IT department.

Dolphin have been providing remote support to our business customers and our home users for almost 10 years now. Initially there was some reticence about the safety of using this way of resolving your computer worries, made worse by the plethora of scammers trying to con their way into your networks. Unfortunately, these scammers still abound and are constantly evolving to find new ways to dupe us, but for genuine IT companies like ourselves, providing remote computer support can benefit you enormously.

What Can Remote Computer Support Help With?

By solving your IT issues remotely, you don’t need to have anyone come and visit you, nor do you need to disconnect your computer, or pack up your laptop and lug it down to a workshop or shop to get it sorted. And it is quicker than on onsite visit.

Remote support can help with software issues, installing Skype and other programs, email headaches, some printer problems, system settings, and more.

Sadly, not everything can be resolved by remote help, but it’s always worth seeing if this is an option for you. As above, if you have a working phone line and internet, give us a call (01273 248871) and we’ll see if we can help you whilst you sit at your laptop with a cuppa to hand.

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