Setting Up A New Computer

Setting up a new computer is a doddle – if you know what you’re doing. But for those who are less technically literate, setting up a new computer can be a real challenge. We have a few tips that may help you along the way.

How To Set Up A New Computer

Chose The Right Machine: The first tip because it is the most important. Before you buy anything, you need to think what you will be using it for. A desktop computer may be best if you are after a large memory whereas a small laptop would suit if you need to be more mobile.

Decide On The Software: You can usually add more in the future, but there certain programs you will probably need right from the start. Will you be wanting to download your photos from your phone, and to edit them? What about your emails? Your anti-virus and your backup? If it's a tablet or smart phone, the Apps?

Switch It On And Off: A bug bear for a lot of people when they get a new machine is that the “buttons” are now in different places. Where you once clicked to turn your computer off has now disappeared, and you can’t get find your folders. Unfortunately, most new computers don’t come with instructions, but there are a lot of online resources that can help.

Where Is The Darn Printer? So you’ve got it out of the box, running emails and can see your photos – but your new computer cant “find” your printer. Hooking your computer up to any device you want connected can be as mind-boggling as setting the machine up in the first place is.

Transfer Your Data: If adding the printer wasn’t frustrating enough, how about transferring all the data from your old computer to this new one? Yes, you’ll need to do this too. Unfortunately, setting up a new computer is a lengthy process and to get it done without losing your temper? Its probably best to let us do it for you instead.....

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