What Is Remote Computer Support?

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard about the scammers who telephone you claiming to be from “Microsoft Support”. They go on to tell you that they have detected have viruses on your computer and that they need to access your system.

This is the malicious side of remote computer support. Those who have succumbed to this type of scam will have allowed the caller remote access to their machine by following the prompts given by the caller over the phone. And what happens next? Depends upon the caller; you could have your bank account cleaned out, a virus installed, your computer hijacked, none of it nice.

There are various ways of remotely accessing computers, most likely is that you will be taken to a website and asked to click a link, or you may be sent an email with a link in it. As long as your computer can get online, if you give permission your computer can be accessed by someone else.

Remote computer support has a beneficial side if carried out via a reputable IT company, someone you know and trust. It could help you to solve genuine problems that you may have with your computer and is more economical than your usual call out fee. What’s more, rather than you having to take your computer to a shop, or have an engineer come out to you, you could get your problems solved whilst you have your cuppa sat at your desk.

Remote Computer Support can’t help with everything, but it can help with the following

10 Things Remote Computer Support Can Help You With

  • Initial Troubleshooting
  • Software Issues
  • Basic Printer Issues
  • Email Settings/Configurations
  • Basic System Check/Tune Up
  • System/Program Settings
  • General Errors/Glitches
  • Tuition
  • Managing Your IT Budget
  • Getting Issues Resolved Quickly

The advantages of getting remote assistance rather than in-person support are that it is quicker, cheaper and open to everyone who has an internet and telephone connection. Even if you have taken your laptop abroad, if you can get a decent internet connection remote computer help could solve your computer issues.

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