Why Did My Computer Die?

Computer’s fail and 9 times out of 10 that failure will happen at the worst time. Need to write that report, print that document, check something urgently online? Yes, that's when your computer will die. How do they know? We can’t answer that, but we can offer 5 reasons why they stop working.

Five Reasons Your Computer Has Failed:

Hard Drive Failure: Hard drives can fail at any time – we have had them fail straight out of the box and also known people whose hard drive has lasted for many years. This is where your data is stored on your computer so when this fails if you don’t have an up to date backup you could lose everything.

Power Surges: Something as natural as a thunder storm can cause a power surge which can seriously mess with your computer. From the charger to the motherboard, a sudden increase in power could cause your computer to fail.

Heat: You’d think the name “laptop” would mean that you could sit comfortably with your portable computer on your, er, lap, but you need to be careful about it overheating. Tempting as it is to have a cushion under your laptop or to use in whilst propped up in bed, a laptop can easily overheat and stop working. Desktop’s too can overheat so make sure they have some ventilation.

Virus: From just making your computer slow, to making it impossible to get passed silly little pop-ups through to rendering your computer fully inoperable, viruses are not going to go away. A good anti-virus will help you stay protected and will ask you if you really want to open that link/visit that website. No software will keep you 100% safe, so you need to be extra vigilant when online or reading emails.

Old Age: We think the record for one of our customer’s elderly computers was 10 years – positively ancient in terms of technology. Most desktops are “expected” to last 3 – 5 years, and laptops less than this, but the older the system the more likely it will become slower, less reliable and will, we’re afraid, one day just give up completely.

What is certain in life, in addition to taxes, is that your computer will fail at some point. This is why we recommend that everyone has a backup running and for our business clients to have up to three different forms of backup running. Losing all that you have on your home computer can be heart breaking, but losing all the data you have on your company's computers could see you go out of business.

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