Save Your Photos Day 2019

Would You Miss Your Photos If They Were Lost For Good?

When you last went to look for a photo, which of the following applied to you?

  • You went to the bookshelves and dug out a dusty old photo album?

  • You reached for your phone and scrolled through the 100s of images you have stored there?

If you are over a certain age you will recall having to limit how many pictures you took on your camera for fear that your roll of film would run out. You had no idea whether those photos would come out clear or not, and you had to wait a good couple of weeks before you got them back from the developer.

All long gone – now we can click away as many times as we want, see immediately if the picture is any good, and even edit it there and then to enhance the already pretty good shot.

But how many of us take it for granted that those photos will remain accessible to us on our phones or our tablets? How often do you back them up? Or check to make sure that they are backed up?

Old way of saving photos

One of our most heart-breaking tasks is telling someone that they have lost everything – all of their data including those priceless photos. And yet this is simply prevented by ensuring that you have a fully automated and encrypted backup solution on your devices. This will not only keep your images safe, but also everything else that you have stored on your computer.

And this isn’t just applicable to our desktops and laptops. What about your mobile phones and iPads? Are you sure they are covered by a backup solution? You may be of the assumption that everything is being stored safely on the device’s own backup, but when did you last check to see if this is the case?

What about using my external drive? Or my USB?”

There are two issues here – one, you have to actually remember and manually backup, and two any external device can carry security risks. Plugging your USB into another computer that you are unaware has issues could cause you a whole world of pain.

backup your devices

If you are relying on luck to keep your photo's safe, then Save Your Photos Day is aimed specifically at you.

As with so many things in life, we tend not to think about the what-ifs until it’s too late – once we have a software or hardware failure on our computers, or an update causes us not to be able to find any of our data, or our devices are in some other way lost, stolen, damaged, or infected by a virus. For those who do have a backup procedure across all of their devices, when did you last check that it was actually doing its job? Is it still working? Is it up to date? Can you access your data successfully?

LiveDrive secure backup

All of us at Dolphin use a secure, encrypted, fully automated cloud-based backup service called LiveDrive. Every time that we go online, all of our data is safely backed up without us having to do anything. We are able to access these files from other machines using our secure logins, but nobody else can access this information. This means that should our main computer or laptop fail, we can still access everything by using another computer. And yes, we too have to check that LiveDrive updates are done and that the system is working for us. Using it as a company on a daily basis we need to ensure that, as with all software you use, it is functioning as we expect it to.

There is also a further step you can take to ensure you are fully covered, and this is something we recommend for business backups. In addition to LiveDrive as a backup, we recommend using True Image, which, as the name implies, takes a “picture” of the drive; an image of the operating system, programs, configurations and files. By using this software, you are creating a clone of your entire operating system therefore if disaster strikes you can recreate your current setup with minimal effort.

Having backup systems in place is as important as having anti-virus on all of your devices. Your data is unique to you, and needs to be kept safe and remain accessible whatever happens to your equipment.

If you would like to keep your photos saved and your data secure, please ask us for the right solution for your personal requirements and individual devices.

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