Should I Backup My Computer?

As you would expect, all of our computers here at Dolphin are backed up regularly and automatically. One of the most difficult things we ever have to say to customers is that, "we couldn't retrieve any of your data I'm afraid".

When did you last backup your data?

From customers who have lost important work documents, students who have lost their dissertations to families who have lost irreplaceable photos, losing all of your data because you have no backup in place can be devastating. And for a business it could be terminal.

So, should you backup your computer? If you can take just a few minutes out of your busy day, check what you have stored on your computer, your laptop, your iPad and your phone - how would you feel if you could never access any of this again?

Why don’t you backup your computer?

The Top 10 Reasons Given For Not Backing Up Your Computer:

1. “It won’t happen to me.”

We hope not. However, something as simple as a power cut can cause a computer or laptop to fail and for you to lose not just whatever you were working on at the time, but potentially everything else as well.

2. “I don’t have anything on my computer.”

Really? Nothing at all that you would miss? No email addresses? No documents? No pictures of the family? No bank details?

3. “I can’t afford a backup system.”

Money is tight more than ever these days, but with a comprehensive backup system costing as little as £45 for an entire year it’s a small price to pay to ensure you keep hold of your information.

4. “I have a Mac.”

Apple are less prone to virus attacks, but Macs do still fail, and they do get stolen. Your data is no less important if you are using different types of computer – in fact, we recommend that you backup your mobile phone as well.

5. “My data is too private.”

With the systems that we use, all of your data is automatically fully encrypted which means that you are the only one who can access your data unless you give express permission for someone else to.

6. “I don’t understand what backup is.

A backup of your computer or laptop will save all of your emails, addresses, files, photographs, music and anything else you have on your computer so that if your computer fails, or gets lost or stolen, you can replace all that is precious to you simply and relatively quickly.

7. “I’m just too busy.”

Whereas a few years ago all backup procedures involved physical action, our backup systems are fully automated – you never have to remember to backup again. Installation can be done remotely within half an hour.

8. “It’s all under warranty.”

Even brand new computers fail, and no matter how much “warranty” you have unless there is a backup, whilst you may get your computer or laptop replaced, the data stored on it could be gone forever.

9. “My husband/wife/business partner does that.”

Excellent news! But as mentioned above, with a fully automated backup nobody has to be responsible for making sure the backup is carried out regularly.

10. “I’ll do it next week.”

Next week could be too late. If your systems are not backed up EVERY SINGLE DAY you are risking losing everything.

If you don’t have a computer backup system in place and your systems fail, or get lost or stolen, there is a chance you could get your data recovered – but it is only a chance, and it will cost you far more than installing a secure backup system.

Should you backup your computer? Absolutely, 100% yes, you should.

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