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Digital Marketing Solutions

Having a strong, cohesive and professional online presence is essential in today's competitive market. Any potential new customers will be searching on the internet for companies that offer the products and services that you provide.

Unless your company is large enough to have your own marketing department, finding the time and having the expertise to create a successful digital marketing campaign can prove elusive.

Here's where we can help.

Dolphin helps your customers find you online.

From providing you with a fully-functioning internet marketing department, to managing your website, SEO and social media updates, to email marketing or copy writing the odd article, or providing in-house social media training so that you can manage the whole process yourself, Dolphin make it easy for your customers to find your business online.


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Why Use
Dolphin's Digital Marketing Services?


Dolphin Digital has evolved alongside the rapidly changing world of online marketing and as a direct response to their customers’ digital requirements.

Trying to keep up with the everyday demands of your own business interests can prove to be a huge task. Dolphin understand that this leaves you with little, if any, time to develop an online marketing campaign. Dolphin’s digital marketing department will help you to keep up with the ever evolving world of online marketing and social media; to check your website is up to date and secure; to write fresh new content and to share your blog online; to create great email campaigns and to get them out to your client base.


"We have been working with Dolphin Computer Upgrades Ltd for over a year now and they have taken away the headache of blogging and social media management. I can not imagine not working with Dolphin, their blogs are spot on, even though they do not do our market sector, they research the industry and the blogs are so precise, I couldn't write them as well myself. We have had various contracts directly from the blogs and the social media updates that Dolphin write."