Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

If you have dedicated part of your business budget on marketing online it can be difficult to quantify the results. This has been a problem for traditional marketing departments; it's simpler for the sales department to claim a direct link between their activities and a definite conversion, but not quite as straightforward to quantify how marketing activities have helped your business progress.

One area where you can see evidence of your online marketing results is by looking at the data generated by your company’s digital presence.

Competitor marketing review

Dolphin’s Digital Marketing packages include the option to receive regular updates and reports, or they can provide a one-off analysis. These include the following options:

Key Words: An audit of your current keywords, ideas for more keywords and an analysis of your competitor’s key words.

Current Website Audit: Get a personalised report on your current website including what’s working for the search engines, and how the likes of Google see you.

Google Analytics: Find out what pages your customers are reading – and those that they aren’t!

Current Setup Review: If you are unsure which social media platform is best for your business we can help you to uncover the updates that are working and the one’s that aren’t worth bothering with.

Competitor Reviews: Compare your own analytics with those of your closest rivals to see where you could improve.

Whilst it’s important that your website looks great to you, it is just as important that it looks great to Google, to other search engines and is user friendly for your customers. You also need to know whether the updates that you are sharing online are really reaching your target audience. Dolphin can provide you with the data to see where your digital marketing strategy is working and how you can make it work smarter.

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