Competitor Reviews

Competitor Reviews

“Nemesis: 3. anyone or anything which seems to be the inevitable cause of someone's downfall or defeat”

Its fairly standard when we have business meetings with clients that at some point in our conversation we will look at who their competitors are – and in most instances there is one, or possibly a couple or rival companies who seem to pique like nothing else can.

There aren’t that many market sectors who don’t have competitors fighting for the same customers – but far from seeing your competitors purely in the negative, there is a wealth of information that you can take from their digital presence and utilise yourself.

Competitor marketing review

Dolphin can run a competitor review for you on your nearest and least favourite rival, or can test the market and find out whom matches you best in terms of online marketing and again run a comparison. By looking at where your rivals are doing better than you, we can light up the digital torch and outvie them in their campaigns; for the areas we identify as being weak we can outshine them and illuminate your innovative approaches.

Keeping a close eye, and ear, on what your competitors are doing online will help you to master your own company image and will enable you not to make the same mistakes that they do.

Once the reports have been produced, we will sit down with you and look at what we can improve on, what we can learn from and where we can blow your competition out of the water. A competitor review can help you to refocus your digital marketing messages and re-enthuse your company’s overall marketing strategy.

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