Current Setup Review

Current Setup Review

“We like the look of our website, but we seem to have dropped off in the search engines – why is that?”

Roughly 8 years ago we attended a business networking event and were astonished to have a senior marketing professional try and tell us that social media and online marketing was rubbish. A few years further down the line and it would seem inconceivable to run a business without a website and some form of social media presence – after all, if you want something you go online to find it.

As businesses either embraced online marketing or were brought kicking and screaming into the digital age, websites and social media platforms were set up, given a bit of love and then slowly left to “run themselves”.

Having a website that not only looks good but also works well for you and for your customers is essential in marketing your company. Alongside this, your blogs, content, images and social media platforms and updates need to be reflecting your professionalism and highlighting your expertise.

Dolphin provides you with a current set up review covering an analysis of all of your online activity and profiles. We produce a working document that outlines where you are at currently, areas we can add a quick fix, and the places you need to spend some time and marketing budget to significantly improve your search results.

It’s easy to become “blind” to our own online profiles and it can be an enormous help to have an expert outsider's review of who you are and how you appear to your client base.