Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

There are those that think not; in the age of social media why bother taking time to design and compose emails?

Yet email marketing remains as one of the most effective avenues for driving website visits leads and sales. Email marketing is also a proven strategy for helping to retention your current client base, and to share personalised information.


But it has to be done correctly.

  • If the email does not meet the interests of the recipients, then it won’t work for you.
  • If the email doesn’t contain lack of relevant information about your customers, then it won’t work for you..
  • If you send out too many emails, then it won’t work for you – a survey by Hubspot revealed that 78% of people have cancelled email subscriptions because they are receiving too many.

Dolphin can help you to design a professional looking email and to write the content so that it is relevant to your client base. We help in every aspect of the email marketing campaign including complying with GDPR guidelines.

If you are looking at email marketing from afresh, or are interested in revamping your current email campaigns, get in touch to see how we can help you lift your marketing to the next level.