Five Reasons Your Articles Aren’t Shared

Ever wondered why your article hasn’t been shared by anyone online? If any of the five points below applies to your work, then this could be the answer.

Five Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Shared

Image Is Everything: You need to have an image that gives an accurate visual representation of your story. If there is no image on the article, or no usable image, then your article can’t be shared on social media. Look at LinkedIn or Facebook – images are present on almost all updates be they personal or business. Add a relevant image to your post and you are more likely to get it shared.

Sign On The Dotted Line: A great headline grabs your attention – looks like this is THE piece you’ve been searching for to share to your followers. You enthusiastically click through and start to read, and yes, this is brilliant! Except then the pop up appears and tells you that if you want to continue reading this article you need to sign up to their site. Not only do I not want to share my information with these strangers, I don’t want to subject anyone else to this kind of “sign-up blackmail”.

Shocking Spelling, Gruesome Grammar: In a rush to get your post published, you failed to check your spelling and grammar. Those itty-bitty mistakes are enough to stop the article being shared. And klaxon warning over translations – I am lucky enough to have a brother who is fluent in German, and I recently sent him Google’s translation of English into German just to double check. Whilst the translation was correct in the literal sense, he advised no German would actually say it that way and told me the correct version. A badly written article with spelling and grammar mistakes splattered across the page will not get shared, nor one with a terrible translation from another language.

Poor Relations: There is an art to writing a great title and an attention-grabbing sentence enticing people to click through to your article has even been given it’s own name: clickbait. This sums up the next point perfectly. If you write a fabulous heading your content must not only match in terms of fabulous content – that content also has to match the title. If you are only writing the initial sentence to get people’s attention you will lose them if your subsequent article is not directly related to that title.

It’s So Fluffy! Have you ever searched for a recipe online, found what you think will be exactly what you are after, and then had to scroll….and scroll….and scroll….reams of fluff about the author, their lifestyle, their eating habits, their raison d'être before you finally find the actual recipe at the bottom of their life story. This is not only bad SEO practice it is also off-putting for those who want the information you can supply. If an article witters on and on before, or worse, without ever getting to the point, it is not worthy of being shared online.

Content is vital to your website, for your social media and for your customers both present and future. But not any old content – it needs to be interesting, engaging, have relevance, and images. Get your content right and you get it shared. Get your content right AND get it shared and both the Google Gods and your customers will thank you.


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