How Does The Demise of Google+ Affect You?

On the back of us reporting how well Google is doing at being King Of Search comes the news that Google+ is to be retired.

Is anyone sad to see it go? Who was even visiting this ghost town of a social media site? Do we need to care, to give this a second thought?

The news reports are telling us that part of the reason for the demise of G+ is that it suffered a rather large data breach - that Google tried to cover up. Google has explained this lack of reporting by saying that it "feared a witch hunt like that of Facebook after Cambridge Analytica", that it secured the vulnerability last March and no evidence has been found of any of the data being accessed or used for malicious purposes.

That doesn't make it OK, and in these GDPR days is at best a lame excuse. If they did secure it in March they will escape the larger fines akin to how Equifax did. But they are still going to kill off Google+.

How Will The End of Google+ Affect Your Business?

Security alerts aside, does this have any impact on you as a business? On the face of it, no, especially if you never used it. But a lot of us did add this to our digital marketing portfolio, creating posts and populating it with images and links to blogs we spent time creating. Losing Google+ won't impact this - we should all have copies of images and posts put on any social media site and not be entrusting them to keep our data safe.

Where it will impact a business is if they have shared the logo - is there a link on your website? If so, get it gone - and do it now. What about on your stationary, or your business cards? Deleting an entire social media platform, albeit one not too many of us were visiting, still has consequences that will affect some companies.

Don't get caught out by the retirement of G+ by having a broken link, or a link that goes to a ghost town, on your online profiles. We all need to keep abreast of what is happening in the world social media, digital marketing and technology in general and update our businesses as and when required.

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