How To Leave A Google Review

What are Google reviews?

When you do a search on Google for a local business you will often see a map appear with three options of businesses underneath that Google feels best match your search term. For example, typing ‘home printer repairs hove’ brought us up.

If you look at the three businesses Google brings up in this box, you will probably see some gold stars alongside – these are there based upon Google reviews that people have left for that business.

What is a Google review

Why do they matter?

Leaving a review for a company, whether on Google or elsewhere, is important as it can give people considering using that firm an idea as to how good a business they are.

Dolphin Computer Hove Five Star review

Whether you are looking at the Star rating for a hotel, or how satisfied buyers are with a product on Amazon, reviews give ‘social proof’ to us as to whether or not we should trust our money to that service or product.

“91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”

How to leave a Google review.

Go online to, and search for the local business whom you want to leave a review for by typing their name into the search box. On the right-hand panel you should see the Google information box which, if you look through it, gives you the option to ‘write a review’ in a little grey box.

How to leave a Google review

When you click this, if you are not signed into you Gmail or Google account, it will ask you to do so. You can then rate the business with between one to five stars, five being the best, and have room to write a review – follow the prompts and your review will be submitted.

Google review illustration

If you don’t have a Gmail account you will still need some form of Google account to sign in to, be that another Google Business account, or a You Tube account. Alternatively, if you have Google maps installed on your smart phone you can go to Google maps, search for the business in question, and you will be able to “rate this business”.

A good online review can be a huge asset to a local company and is a great way of showing support to small businesses near you. So, if you have been happy with a service or product consider ‘paying’ that company back by taking five minutes to let the world know how good they are.


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