Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Much as SEO has moved on in leaps and bounds, key words still have a part to play in your overall digital marketing strategy.

Knowing which keywords your clients are using to search for the services or products that you are selling can help your website show up more often online.

Keyword analysis

Keywords have been divided into “long tail” and “short tail” for some time now: but we also need to consider voice search and as such, keyword analysis has evolved from the simple one word, or one term search.

It’s one thing knowing what your keywords should be – but you also should be aware of what your competitors keywords are and how well they are doing by using those terms.

Dolphin’s Keyword Analysis can look at your current keywords, assist in suggesting alternatives or improvements, and can analyse your competitors keywords. Knowing what search terms your target market are most likely to use will help push your online marketing to a new level.

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