All businesses need a website – but not just an old website. Your business needs a website that will be found online and reflects the professionalism of what you do.

Having had over 10 years of helping a wide range of businesses and charities with all their website needs, Dolphin create business websites that reflect and enhance the branding so carefully thought out by company owners.

Wordpress Company Hove

Dolphin Computer Upgrades Ltd can host and install a WordPress website and build a template that both suits you from a company point of view, but also with all the SEO attributes required for a modern site.

WordPress is the most cost effective solution and has excellent SEO attributes. By using this type of platform you don’t have to invest in bespoke code for Content Management Systems.

Website design will be based on conversations between our company and yours, however initially we will screenshot a couple of design ideas over to you and based on your response, we can start narrowing down the design template in this process.

We offer two options for businesses:


This will incur a one-off design/setup fee again based upon how many pages you envisage you will require. You are then in contract with Dolphin Computer Upgrades Ltd for a two-year period and will pay monthly throughout this contract. By choosing the subscription package you not only spread your costs, but you will also receive the following benefits: WordPress Updates/Security Checks Basic Page / Word Updates on Pages, Script & Text (Meaning you can send us your changes and we do it all for you. We manage your site on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your business)We can perform a template change every 20 months if you want the site refreshed and we allow the site to evolve and develop with constant updates from web industry standards. By taking the subscription package we maintain the security and update / manage your site on your behalf at a set monthly cost.

A One-Off

This can be the right choice if you have allocated a set amount for a website and you want to pay for it all in one go. There is a set fee based upon how many pages you will require for your website. We recommend a minimum of 3 pages but you can have multiple pages if this is what your business requires. Obviously, the costs will increase as the pages do. There will need to be discussions around how many images you require and how much content such as the wording of the site is required. Our copywriting services can be included in an additional cost and we are able to accommodate other aspects you may need on your site such as an online booking option. By opting for the one off package you are still free to use any of the other marketing services that Dolphin provides such as blogging and email marketing. However, once the site has been designed, installed and signed off it will be left to you to maintain the website.

Having a website that you are proud of and that brings you leads, new client's and increased revenue will help your business thrive and grow.

If you would like to take advantage of our website packages, or would like to know more about costings/timelines then please give us a call on 01273 248871 or email us