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Case Study Information

  • Client Problem : Windows 7 Server Encrypted
  • Category : IT Security / Data Recovery
  • Client : Events Management
  • Proposed Solution: Please see detail below

Compromised Server Solution

OVERVIEW | A client was still running Windows 7 on their main server and this lead to their data being encrypted. Dolphin's initial objective was to attempt to retrieve the client's data but this proved impossible. Unfortunately, the client had let their backup subscription lapse and all data was lost. | Moving Forward: Dolphin proposed the client utilise a Hosted Remote Desktop to ensure that all systems are hosted / updated / upgraded and secured in a data centre. | A higher network data provision to be allocated that also includes all backup and system functions as standard to avoid what had occurred recently, in a hosted environment. | A dedicate Windows Server, with robust encryption / authentication access. | Email and Backup solutions enabling the entire network to be more secure.