Barca Baby!

We set off early again in a convoy, four cars in total, on our final push to Barcelona. We were quietly confident Eva would make it but kept that hope to ourselves,  not wanting to risk fate. This was the shortest leg of the journey, a “mere” 280 miles, so Eva was chosen as the lead vehicle.

A quick pit stop for much needed coffee, we all lined up for our final photo shoot in France, then, in the blazing heat, on we plodded.


Eva had conquered the Alps, and now the Pyrenees loomed large in front of her as she roared on down the motorway.


And then.... And then... she was in Spain! Her final destination was in tangible touching distance, she just had those last 100+ miles to get under her engine. By this stage she had done over 2000 miles since she had been reborn and she was hot, and tired.

Barcelona baby?


She made it, Eva made it from Brighton, to St Omer, to Annecy, over the Alps, through Italy, past Turin, to Monaco, to Arles, to Barcelona!!!!!

And not only did she make it, but we managed to smash through our JustGiving Page target and raise essential funds for the Sussex Snowdrop Trust.

So now we want to do out thank you speech. We’d like to thank our friends and family.... no, we really would. We have had so much support; emotionally, sharing updates on social media for us and donating to our charity. And then our business customers and partners some of whom have been exceptionally generous with donations, others who have donated prizes. In particular we would like to thank the following:



Burgess Hill Dental

Floral Image

Peter Cooper Chichester

If you haven’t donated please don’t be put off because we have reached our target - Sussex Snowdrop need in excess of £350,000 every year to carry on the fantastic work that they do. Every penny you donate goes directly to them, and the work they do makes the lives of local families who are in the most awful situation of having a poorly child just a little bit better.

 Just Giving Dolphin Computers Two Ball Rally 


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