Charity Partnership

There has been talk in the Dolphin offices for several years about the possibility of adopting a charity to work alongside. But who do you chose when there are so very many worthy causes out there? And how do we then support a charity? What could we do that will be both memorable and meaningful?

Next year, 2019, marks a couple of important milestones. For Dolphin it means we will be celebrating our 15th Birthday. And for one little classic British car, it will be a 60th Birthday celebration.

So this is where we have started. Dolphin have purchased a rather sad looking classic mini and are in the process of reinventing and rejuvenating her. She has been safely transported to Marine Garage in Brighton for her "spa" break and will, we hope, emerge from her transformation back into a recognisable, beautiful Mini.

Once she is road worthy again she will be off on her adventures, and in the process, raising funds for our new charity. For the moment, we are still in talks with a Sussex based charity, of which more news to follow. But for now, here's some images of her journey to Brighton.

  • Mini 2
  • Mini 3
  • Mini 4

We have set up a Facebook Group called Dolphin Mini for people to follow our Mini's journey and a dedicated Instagram Feed also called Dolphin Mini - please do follow on either or both and check back here for regular updates.

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