From Barca to Bilbao

Having “rewarded” ourselves with an extra days rest after the Two Ball awards party on the Monday night, we left Barcelona on the Wednesday morning at 4am, in the dark, just little Eva and the large trucks. 

Driving on through the Rioja region, skirting the bottom of the Pyrenees, we were slowly climbing. Swapping drivers just before dawn we were able to witness the sunrise  in her wing mirrors. But it was cold – we don’t know how high we had driven, nor if it was “really” cold and we were just used to 40+, but we were shivering as we drove.

It took us just over 6 hours, another 350+ miles, before we began the steep descent into Bilbao – pleased our route had been a slow steady incline on the way out of Barcelona – and found our way to the airport car park. After doing all of security tricks – removing her steering wheel, disabling a couple of fuses, putting her clamp on – we said goodbye. And, confession time, at least one of us cried. We didn’t want to leave her all by herself….

Having flown back into the UK, we then hooked her bespoke trailer up to the works van, and set sail from Portsmouth, arriving back in Bilbao on the Tuesday morning to try and work out how to load her onto her trailer from a secure airport car park.....

In the interim, we have had more donations to our prizes from our ever so generous business partners and will be announcing the winners in due course. Eva is on her way to Portugal for her holiday and this means she will have driven in 6 countries, UK included, in just a couple of weeks. Quite the cosmopolitan little car 🚙

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